Hello there and welcome to my online portfolio! While there is plenty of room on the site for my illustration and design work, I wanted to create a space that showcases my writing, and a blog seems to be the most suitable place. I am, after all, a writer and an illustrator. For me, words and pictures go hand in hand. 

As someone who writes, draws, and daydreams a lot, creativity and imagination are what inspire me to do what I do. Sometimes I wish I had talent in another, what I see as "more practical" subject like mathematics or science, where the focus is on objectivity and finding answers. Ironically enough, I do not always like subjectivity, I find it can complicate discussions and I miss the comfort of clear answers. But as complex and mystifying as the arts can be, I would not trade my skills and passion for it for anything else.   

So as far as this blog will go, it will act as a sort of journal for my at-the-moment thoughts, recent happenings, or nostalgic recollections (I have plenty). Usually my notes are full of fragmented dreams, a few unfinished stories, and lots of poetry, mostly bad poetry, but some decent poetry (but mostly bad). I keep a journal near my bed for jotting down quick thoughts I have; many of my ideas for writing come at night while much of my ideas for illustrating and making art come during the day (more on idea catching later, that's what the blog is for).

I'll be updating my site on the basis, making art and squeezing in some blog posts, so check in if you think you are interested enough to hear what I have to say!